Markits (UK) Ltd.
PO Box 40
WD24 6TN
Tel (44)(0)1923 249711

Welcome to Markits (UK) Ltd Website.

5th November - SITUATION UPDATE.

We now have limited quantities of the most popular driving wheels back  in stock:

16mm - 12 spoke (52xxx)

18mm - 14 spoke short crank (57xx)

22.66mm – 18 spoke (ER 5’ 8”)

20.66mm – 16 spoke (14xx)

If you unable to contacts us on the telephone with an enquiry or order you can send an email to or alternatively post your order to the address above.

We are still processing and despatching outstanding orders as quickly as we can.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding as we try to replenish the stock of wheels.


Please note the following payment limitations:
  • There is a minimum order value of £10 + plus postage.

  • We no longer accept cheques in payment for goods.

  • We do not accept PayPal.