Markits (UK) Ltd.
PO Box 40
WD24 6TN
Tel (44)(0)1923 249711

About Markits

Markits was set up in October 1993 in conjunction with Romford Models to manufacture, promote and sell, both wholesale and retail, range of accurate prototypical wheels, alongside the long established Romford range.

In addition to this, we offer a range of brass turnings ie: Whistles, safety valves, handbrakes, buffers, door handles, handrail knobs, air/vacuum tanks, lubricators and many other accessories in various gauges ( 2, 4, 7 & 1 ).

We are a UK based organization, offering a global service to a global market, through our mail-order service and our world wide retailers.   For further information on any of our products, contact our sales department.


Our locomotive driving wheel centres are made of zinc die-cast Mazak and fitted with turned Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel tyres, and  have a BLACK finish.  

The Insulated Driving wheels are insulated between the tyre and the wheel.  

All our spoked and profiled disc, Bogie / Tender and  Rolling-Stock wheels have a chemically BLACK finish. All are available with Nickel Silver tyres and can also be available with ‘LIVE’ axles (One wheel ‘shorted’ to the axle)  

Our original disc type wheels are turned and black plated brass.  

ALL our ‘00’, ‘EM’ and ‘TT’ gauge Rolling-Stock wheels are mounted on 2mm diameter steel ‘Pinpoint’ or ‘Bogie’ axles and insulated between the axle and the wheel.  

Driving wheels are designed to fit our standard steel 1/8” & 3.0mm Dia square ended axles to enable easy accurate quartering.   All our ‘00’, EM’ & TT’ wheels are manufactured for our 0.100” (2.54mm) wide tyres.  

Most of our wheels are now prototypical as opposed to the old generic varieties.  

Our ‘N’-Gauge, 009 and 2mm scale wheels are blackened brass rims fitted to plastic centres fitted to 1.5mm dia axles.  

The majority of our accessories are machined brass or stainless steel.