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From this page you can download our catalogue in PDF format.

Also available are PDFs of our new items in "OO"/4mm and "O"/7mm scale.


Please also take a look at the new items on the news page

Download "OO"/4mm New Items

Download "O"/7mm New Items

Also, The 2013 catalogue below still contains the majority of our products, although some items are no longer available (i.e. 'Rmfd Vacuum Pipes Braided' have been discontinued by the manufacturer.)

In general most of the prices in the catalog are still the same, although a few items may have increased slightly due to raw material and manufacturing costs.

We are currently updating the catalogue, that should be available in early 2018.

We have introduced many new items, some are displayed on the
News page.

January 2013 Catalogue available to download in PDF format

Download Catalogue

Download Acrobat reader from here  
Please note the following payment limitations:
  • There is a minimum order value of £10 + plus postage.

  • We no longer accept cheques in payment for goods.

  • We do not accept PayPal.